Monday, 26 October 2009

It's all go Front of House

Walked into the office at the Hip this morning and noticed my colleague, Dave Hartland, was buried in what I can only describe as lots of pink, fluffy, shiny, flashy things.

What? you may ask. Well, one of the benefits of working in an open plan office is that you get to find out what other departments are doing and Front of House have had the delightful job of choosing some of the pantomime merchandise. It always creates an atomosphere of fun in the office when the flashy wands, head boppers and crystal stars appear and some nice fits of laughter when the most serious of staff go all child like at the mention of a goodie bag. And of course, there's always one member of staff who has to model the lastest tiara - must be the performer in all of us - even in admin!

Dave tells me that he's ordered boxes and boxes of the stuff that will arrive just before Sleeping Beauty first night - it's not even Halloween Dave!

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