Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Characters in Sleeping Beauty

You may remember I mentioned Michael Harrison in my previous blog (he's our pantomime Director). He contacted me this week to say he'd had quite a few requests for a character breakdown. So Michael kindly put the following together - a sort of who's who of pantomime and how they fit into the plot.

Muddles, played by Joe Pasquale is the court jester. He's madly in love with Beauty and will be called upon at some point to save the day! Expect some manic comedy as always from Joe and hilarious routines with Ceri.

The Prince, played by Ray Quinn is from a nearby kingdom. He was friends with the Princess as a child and has fallen in love with her again. Ray has some great musical numbers lined up in the show.

Lady Passionella is Princess Beauty's governess and mother of Muddles. She came to live at the castle when the curse was put upon the Princess. The costumes are wonderful and at the last count Ceri will change 22 times during the show.

Princess Beauty played by Lucy Evans is made to stay within the Palace grounds. She doesn't know about the curse and has never seen a spinning wheel... Until now!

Carabosse is yet to be cast. She is the evil fairy who casts the evil curse. This part is currently on offer to one of musical theatres leading ladies and an announcement is expected soon.

Slimeball played by Christopher Howell is Carabosse's son. He loves beautiful ladies, especially celebrities!

The Enchantress will be announced soon. She is Carabosse's opposite number. A good spirit.

The King and Queen are yet to be cast. Beauty's parents who for 18 years have tried to protect her from pricking her finger.

Thanks Michael - looking forward to finding out who is going to be playing Carabosse!

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