Wednesday, 22 July 2009

First draft of panto script finished!

I know it's only July but I got to thinking about the panto script and whether there was any chance of a sneak preview. So, I contacted Sleeping Beauty Director Michael Harrison this morning for a panto catch up. Here's what he had to say:

"I'm pleased to say even though its only July the first draft of the script for SLEEPING BEAUTY is finished! Joe Pasquale and I got together last week to go through all of the things he will be doing in the show and he came up with some great ideas which will see him doing lots of new material in the panto this year.

It's a mad show for Joe - he's got a lot to do especially in Act Two when nearly everyone else has been put to sleep after the Princess pricks her finger! It's up to Muddles and Lady Passionella to save the day, so Act Two is full of business between Joe and Ceri which the audience will hopefully enjoy.

Olly Ashmore our musical supervisor and composer has been working hard creating the score for us which is now nearly set. It's a mixture of classic songs you'll all know and some original material to help the plot move along. I'm not a fan of songs that don't fit into a panto, or are there for no reason, so Olly and I spend hours routining the show so everything makes sense.

I'm yet to have a proper sit down with Ray Quinn who is busy as Danny in GREASE in the West End at the moment. He and I will get together soon to discuss the musical numbers he's involved with. He's got two very different styles of solo in the show as well as several other company numbers.

Ceri Dupree and I have had yet another meeting. I meet regularly with all of the Dames I work with in panto. When there is so much resting on the costumes they wear it's vital that the script and the costumes marry up in the correct way. The costumes also cost a small fortune so it's important to get them right. I dread to think how much Ceri's will cost in the end - it's already tens of thousands, but if you are going to have the most glamerous Dame in panto you have to go for it!

Ceri's designs have been on my desk for a while now and everyone who comes into the office takes the time to look at them. There are 22 changes at the last count which I think must be some sort of record. There is very little time for him to change in between each one as I like panto to go "like a train" - very fast so nothing drags too long.

Next time I report I will have been to our scenery and costume stores in Yorkshire and I'll let you know how all of that is coming along. There's lots of new scenery being designed and built this year as well as some stunning new costumes (well Ceri can't be the only one in a nice frock!) and then after that there should be some news on the 3d and the special effects that will be in the show".

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