Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Script

As we go into autumn, pantomime opening night is increasingly closer. Quite frightening really how this year is speeding away from us. But as always here at the Hippodrome we are full steam ahead with everything Sleeping Beauty. From ordering the first batch of merchandise, to taking bookings for Christmas in our restaurant.

So it wasn't too much of a surprise when I received a large and bulky envelope on my desk this morning! Two copies of the first draft of the Sleeping Beauty script sent to me by Director Michael Harrison.

I've got it open on my desk at the moment "Act One" Scene One:Carabosse's Curse. There's some great special effects at the start of the panto and Joe Pasquale's entrance is funny. I'm always tempted to act out some of the roles myself I rather fancy myself as a baddie, I love all that hissing and booing.

There's 74 pages of script for the cast to learn, and that's not including all the choreography by Jon Bowles, there's also some magic consultants on board - The Twins - who also did the illusions in last year's production.

But that aside, having the script myself this far in advance really helps me to plan ahead with the pr campaign so hopefully fingers crossed it will get my brain cells working up some nice ideas over the next few weeks.

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